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International Agency For Negotiation is an international consultation and Training organization concerned with bridging gaps between individuals, teams, companies, organizations and even nations. Born in a multinational society, the agency founders believe that human traits apply to the entire humankind, where understanding and right communication will massively solve all types of disputes and create values from inexhaustible sources of human efforts.

Our Vision

The vision of International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) is to be the first contributor to make the world a better place for living. That is where all Deals and settlements are done in a professional, honest, fair, supportive and positive way without any lying or deception. That is also where all values can be created, maximized and fairly shared between all associated people, and where everyone has an opportunity to learn, to have a job and to be successful.

Our Mission

International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) cooperates with best qualifications and competencies to provide individuals, companies and organizations with valuable knowledge, training and experiences related to negotiation process and deal making strategies. In addition, International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) has a commitment to the society to pursue its continuous efforts on negotiation researches as well as to support education for new generations.

Our Values

International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) believes that everyone has the right to learn, to have a job, to succeed, and to be supported accordingly. Fairness and positivity will inspire people to create and maximize value, and share it for a better world.

The agency

International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) was established as an international organization concerned with developing negotiation skills and selling / buying strategies within individuals, companies, organizations and even nations. The main purpose of IAN is to pass the valuable knowledge built by researchers, scientists, and experiences related to strategies and human behavior in the negotiations to the maximum number of people worldwide. Whether through consultation services, or training efforts, IAN vision is that negotiations are skills that can be developed to achieve success and solve problems.


International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) recruits the highest available qualifications and competencies. If you believe you can contribute to our vision and mission, you can always contact us and send us your resume. IAN also helps employers identifying the best talented candidates for their sales, procurement and executive vacancies. We can help setting job descriptions, interviewing and negotiating offers on behalf of your company.

Responsibility to community

International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) is committed to society support. We think that the most important factor in the development of any society is education. When educating people and especially new generations, solving problems, and achieving success and prosperity will be a natural result. Our commitment revolves around sponsoring students to continue their education and get their chance to compete in the labor market and express their talents.

International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) do not forget the human realities at stake, we share the responsibility of helping increasing number of refugees worldwide. IAN focuses its related efforts the same concept of education. We try to visit elementary schools on regular basis to increase the awareness of the importance of education within the children. This is to limit the number of children dropping out of school, we also search for children out of school for reasons like when their parents are killed by fighting, when they are separated from family members or when they are forced into work to support their families, and we encourage them to get back the access to education to which they are entitled under international law.. That stems from our awareness of two major points: First, Children have the right to be educated, and second, IAN thinks that children out of school today are successful projects of negative members in the society or lost generation in the soon future. Whilst children in classes today are great opportunity for a successful community in the same soon future.