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Leadership is an attitude:

“The key concept is that authority flows from knowledge, and Knowledge is not an inherited gift, but rather something that may be cultivated through education” ¹

When you are low educated, it is definitely easier to believe or to follow. This is because you know fewer references to compare and less knowledge to judge. Arab leaders realized and recognized that very well. Since majority of Arab people were poor and low educated or uneducated, it was a golden opportunity for Arab Leaders to broadcast and inspire their divine rights of ruling their countries.

Historical Dimension:

The Ottoman Empire governed most of Arab civilized World for more than 400 Years. Although it has an Islamic culture, but it almost ignored Arabic Language and education, which resulted to dissemination of nescience in all fields of education for Arabs. Thus, all territories of Arab World became uneducated. European Colonization followed for another 4 – 5 decades and enhanced that. After independence as new states, each Arab state was different in government style due to culture and center of power on each one of them. They declared as kingdoms like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco ..etc, or republics like Syria, Lebanon … etc, but with common style for most of them shaped in uneducated people and powerful governors.

Born to lead, and the divine rights:

Arab Leaders had variant pretensions to justify their “born to lead” concept or their divine rights to become leaders, some of them pretended a relation by blood to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH), like Jordan and Morocco, and some pretended having traits of Intelligence, Vision or Wisdom …etc.

The old style of defending rights of leadership was by force and sword. However, after long period of wars Arab took for freedom, old style was not recommended. There was a need for long term plan to keep Power & Authority and to pass it to their sons. The tool was: Underdevelopment and low education.

Educational Deception:

To utilize that concept, Arab Leaders set almost similar systems of Education around the Arab world categorized in two patterns:

  1. The simple system: Low education for all people, and easy success for students with the minimum knowledge possible for majority of population. Leaders families and their assistants & loyal families get the best education.
  2. Complicated system: That was a necessity of some Arab Societies that had history of civilization. Majority of students are distributed at the 11th year of schooling into two studying branches:
    • Scientific Branch of Study: physicians, engineers, dentists, Pharmacist …etc. This will be available only for high graded students at the 11th year of schooling, and will promote them to be high income gainers in the country, and even better chances for immigration.
    • Literary Branch of Study: Journalists, History & Geography Studies, Political Studies, Lawyers … etc. these are usually the decision makers, leaders and policy effectors in the society. This will be available for lower & higher graded students. However, High graded will avoid this branch of study as they know well that they won’t have a chance to get promising financial life and respectable jobs unless they are very close and loyal to current leaders. Their immigration chances will be much lower too, and most probably they will end up as poor people. Hence, Most of students who study in this branch are from low graded once.

The Spontaneous Revolutions:

All what Arab Dictators arranged within their societies was to assure that no other leader will succeed inspiring the people and leading them to a revolution against Dictatorship. However, they forgot that humans are originally thinking animals, and nature lows apply on them.

Exactly same like what happens in a leaderless group of animals like herd, swarm, flock, school, or whatever other collective term we can think of, people will move as a group followed by freakiness, anger, surprise or any other great social feeling that reaches the level of moving all people as one group as they have a leader, where they actually don’t. This is exactly what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen … etc. the result will be Dictators running away.

The Leader We Deserve:

Certainly, all people in the world have the right to choose their best leaders, and obviously, there will always be potential for dictators.  The only guarantee to get the best leader for any society, country, establishment or organization is to increase education of people within. The leader we deserve is the leader who will involve his people in all management and decision processes, and for that reason, people should be highly educated to the maximum limit possible. In the end, such leader will come out of such people.