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Companies and individuals need their own experience, associated with their own culture, and the singularity of their business and industry. For those who want to contribute to their society in the midst of their own life challenges, International Agency For Negotiations (IAN) will provide special training services to help them achieve the best results in the shortest time.

Organizations Tailored-Training Services:

There are many business managers who acquire machines of a class D or E in order to produce class A products. This usually happens for one of two reasons; either they cannot afford class A machines, or such machines are not available in a specific market during specific period. Some other managers acquire class A machines, but new technology comes up, and the upgrade becomes very much required. Human resources are the same. If highly skilled and qualified people in a specific market are temporarily or originally not available, or if they are still working according to old systems, and especially if the vision of the business leader is to penetrate international market, this would be a serious obstacle in the path of the success of the business.

A logical and affordable solution would be upgrading your staff to match the required qualifications and possessing needed skills to lead your business into the path of success.

International Agency For Negotiations offers you tailored programs to upgrade your staff capabilities. We usually interview your staff according to our unique assessment system to identify their needs. Afterword, a special training program will be designed to comply with the assessment results, and achieve fast returns on your investment.

Public Negotiation Training Services:

Most of training programs for professionals are either focusing on their technical capabilities, or their management capabilities. Both aspects are usually handled in the traditional approach. We in International Agency For Negotiations apply an untraditional way. We do not give instructions to people on how to develop sales or design a negotiation strategy. Instead, we help them destroy their old foundations and rebuild them in the right way; this is in regards to both techniques and way of thinking. We teach them principles, and create simulation conditions, to merge those principles in their life habits so they become great negotiators.

You do not need to be an employee of a company, a business leader, or in any other related position to get benefits from our training programs. International Agency For Negotiations offers general negotiation skills and selling strategies training programs for public. You can always follow our news and coming events, and register to any of our magnificent programs to become a great negotiator. Our programs are not only for sales, they are also designed to equally help procurement people, business leaders, decision makers, strategy builders and any other business associated personnel to increase their capabilities, fast growing their business and reach the top of their companions in the market.