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The world we are living in witnessed huge development in technology that made it like a small village. Day after day, it is becoming easier for companies to cooperate overseas, and when taking into account the fast depreciation of the limited resources worldwide, we will recognize how important and crucial it is becoming to possess high skills of negotiations to facilitate the access to those resources. This is exactly where our role starts. Our job is to help your company to achieve the following:

  • Increasing team negotiation skills.
  • Successful negotiations for complex deals.
  • Reaching beneficial settlements for different types of disputes.
  • Accessing the right suppliers and managing the increasing prices.
  • Increasing values of post settlements (Post Settlement’s Settlements).
  • Performing investigative negotiations.
  • Successful mergers and acquisitions.
  • Successful collaborating and partnering; such as alliances and joint ventures.
  • Successful negotiations for different types of deals.
  • Problems and risk management.
  • Scope Negotiation.
  • Internal strategy building.
  • International strategy building.
  • Jobs and candidates negotiations.

Consulting Services

IAN provides magnificent consulting services that will find solutions for your business sourcing, deals, disputes, hiring … etc.

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Training on Negotiations

IAN provides staff the state of the arts training to allow them possessing the top skills in Negotiations. IAN also helps individuals to possess the same skills through its public training programs.

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Business English Language Training: (Clients in Turkey only)

IAN delivers one of the best Business English Training Services that will make sure of the high capability of any negotiator to stints the negotiation in English language.

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